2 Unit AIRPRO for Panasonic Air Purifier Replacement Pre-Filter F-P04DMZ, F-PMF35A, F-PXC50A, F-PXF35A, F-PXH55A, F-VXF35A, F-VXF70, F-VXG70, F-VXH50A, F-VXK70, F-Y104WZ, FPXJ30AHM
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  • 2 x Replacement Pre-Filter (Cotton Filter)
  • Pre-Filter to make the Hepa Filter last longer by filtering the bigger dust.  
  • Compatible with Panasonic
  • The usual life cycle of the filter is estimated to be 2-3 months.

2 Unit AIRPRO for Panasonic Air Purifier Replacement Pre-Filter

Other Compatible Models: 
F-P04DMZ, F-PMF35A, F-PXC50A, F-PXF35A, F-PXH55A, F-VXF35A, F-VXF70, F-VXG70, F-VXH50A, F-VXK70, F-Y104WZ, FPXJ30AHM

The majority of the larger particles (dust, pet dander, etc) will be captured by an air purifier, and unless you use an air purifier technology called a pre-filter, the high-efficiency, more expensive HEPA filters will clog up with big particles too quickly. Even though HEPA filter have a large number of pleats which gives them lots of surface area, they can fill up more quickly if the larger particles are not pre-filtered out. In a typical family, with kids, dogs or cats, and a lifestyle that is highly active, an air purifier has to deal with a lot of large particles!

Pets are not the only ones with dander! Our first time air purifier owners are typically surprised at how much human hair and skin cells are caught in the pre-filter & main air purifier. Between humans and pets, especially cats, just the hair and fur can load up the pre-filter. That's one of the main reasons that the pre-filter on your air purifier should be changed, or at least checked according to a prescribed schedule.

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2 x Replacement Pre-Filter (Cotton Filter)


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2 x Replacement Pre-Filter (Cotton Filter)