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TARRAGO Waterproof Spray / Outdoor Shoes Spray + Towel
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  • High waterproof effect
  • Spray once can withstand half month
  • Can spray on shoes, bag and clothes
  • power by nano technology
  • high performance nano protector
  • self-cleaning effect waterproofer
  • It would not spoilt your shoes or bag after spray

You spill red wine all over but it doesn't seep into the fabric or leave a stain. Instead, it just drips right off. You step in a puddle of water with boots and the water just repels off.” Are these statement sound too good to be true? The Daikin Waterproof Spray spray-on coating repels water, leaving drips of liquid sliding off onto the ground. Spray it onto clothing or almost any other surface and it’ll become almost completely impervious of moisture. If you tend to have accidents with your expensive clothing or items, a waterproofing solution is certainly hard to disagree with.

  • Your Waterproofing Solution! 
  • Brand: TARRAGO
  • Model: TARRAGO Waterproof
  • Forms a protective layer that is water/oil/stain-proof
  • Invisible spray and does not affect colour of material
  • Does not affect the breathability of material
  • Stay clean and dry always
  • Spray on clothes, shoes, furniture, etc.
  • Capacity: 250ml and 400ml"



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