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AIRPRO Sharp FZ-AX6MFE Air Purifier Humidifying Filter for KI-A60E
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  • Replacement filter compatible with SHARP humidifying filter FZ-AX6MFE
  • Compatible with KI-A60E
  • Easy to use It's easy to replace and can cost effective way to attain better air quality at home.
  • The usual life cycle of the filter is estimated to be 12 months.

AIRPRO Sharp FZ-AX6MFE Air Purifier Humidifying Filter for KI-A60E

Fits the following:


Other compatible models:


AIRPRO is a leader and highly reputable brand in air purifier replacement filter in Malaysia. The company was established back in 2017 that had started from a small scale business and growth into a brand that had gained popularity, credible trust and good reputation from consumers.


Our filters are fully complaint to the RoHS3 & SVHC standards. Materials used at the factory are fully tested and manufactured under 99.95% European standards before releasing product for sale.


Washable Deodorizing

Filter The filter can be repeatedly used after washing, or it can be replaced.


Humidifying Filter 
(Up to 2 years after opening) 

Filter life can be greatly reduced depending on the room environment.

Even if 2 years have not passed, replace the Humidifying Filter
if you notice the following:

  • Mineral deposits (white, black, or red masses) which are not removed after cleaning or the Humidifying Filter is still dirty.
  • Filter is severely damaged or warped.
  • Increases relative humidity by adding moisture to the air
  • Humidifiers produce moisture in multiple ways: Evaporation, Ultrasonic, and Hot Steam are the most common
  • Those who have dry skin issues, for making the air comfortable, improve sleep with aromatherapy

Package Contents:-

  • 1 x  AIRPRO for Sharp FZ-AX6MFE (Humidifying Filter)



How long can the Humidifying filters be used?

This entirely depends upon the kind of environment you're in, whether it is too polluted or less polluted. The lifespan of the paper is 2 years or utilisation up to 4500 hours.

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1 x  FZ-AX6MFE Humidifying Filter